More than just a lotto

  • 4/20 - 5/36 - 6/45



    5 59 59

    1 GEX ticket

  • Pool


    25.000 GEX

    0 0 0

    20 GEX ticket

  • Promo lottery


    ? BTC

    0 0 0


Payment options:

  • Visa
  • Visa
  • Visa
  • Visa

How to play ?

  • 5/36

  • This game is one of the most popular kinds of lottery in the world. Participants must select five main numbers from 1 to 36. In total, there are 5 prize categories in this game. As more numbers in your ticket match the drawing results as bigger is the prize (at least 2 matches). Drawings are held every day. Winning numbers are selected by the random number generator.

  • Pool

  • A “common pool” lottery will be fully distributed each round. The drawing is carried out as follows: all participants send the desired number of tickets to the common pool, for a smart contract that records incoming transactions. Then the probability of each participant is calculated according to the number of tickets sent to them. The more tickets the player has sent - the higher his chances of winning prizes. The winners are determined randomly. The first three places take most of the pool. Also, several dozen players are randomly determined to receive small prizes in the amount of two or three ticket prices. All payments are made in the GEX coin.

  • Promo lottery

  • Promotional lotteries give an opportunity to win large prizes from our partners and advertisers in the form of BTC or other cryptocurrencies. Participants will be able to receive lottery tickets simply for clicking on the partner’s website link or for easy marketing activities. 100% of the prize fund will be played among the participants of the lottery. Detailed rules of each of the promo lottery will be announced in advance through social media.


Our goal is to keep prices stable in the long term. To achieve this goal, we introduce inflation targeting by burning coins. This will help to stabilize the price of GEX after entering the exchanges, and in the long run it will contribute to GEX growth

Time left

  • --

  • --

  • --

buy GEX

Benefits for investors

  • 1

    You get a masternode or staking package

  • 2

    Receive GEX lottery tickets every day

  • 3

    Participate in lotteries

  • 4

    Win prizes

Lottery problems

  • Lack of transparency and proof that the winner is really random

  • Less than 40-60% of the revenue get allocated to the prize fund

  • Enormous SG&A and operating expenses,such as distribution, offices, shipping, retail fees etc.

  • Complicated prize cash-out

  • High commission and taxation - up to 50%

Our solution

Our team develops an ecosystem on the GEXAN blockchain with masternodes and hybrid POW/POS algorithm

    That will allow:

  • Transparent distribution system for awards, tickets sold, etc.

  • 50 times higher chance to win the jackpot

  • Visibility of the smart contract source code, so that anyone can validate the drawings fairness

  • Protection of the winners anonymity

  • Allocation of 85% of the ticket sales revenue to the jackpot

  • Instant winning payments no third-party participation

Inflation chart
График инфляции
Block rewards
  • Coin name


  • Exchange ticker


  • Premine

    880'000 gex

  • Total for sale

    400'000 gex

  • Max supply

    21'000'000 gex

  • Hard cap

    47 btc

  • Algorithm


  • Сonsensus

    Hybrid POW/POS

  • Soft cap

    13,45 btc

    In case of failure - return to investors

The main advantages of investing

  • Benefit:

    The highest ROI can be achieved only at the initial stage

  • Luck:

    Investors receive free lottery tickets

  • Stability:

    GEX “burning” system ensures coin price stability


    Lottery is a time-tested game that millions of people have played. We will bring openness, increased payments, anonymity, low tax rates

  • Uniqueness:

    Gexan is the only platform in the world introducing lotteries created on the blockchain with masternodes


    Gexan issues only a small aggregate offer of 21 million GEX coins

  • Warranty:

    If Soft Cap of just 13,45 BTC is not reached, investors will receive full refund

  • Trust:

    The project team has serious experience in online business, the founders are serial entrepreneurs. The budget is well planned. Hard Cap is only 47 BTC

Coin distribution

Распределение монет


  • Masternode (MN)

    5000 GEX (collateral):

    • First 4 0.489 BTC for 1 MN
    • Next 9 0.589 BTC for 1 MN
    • Next 7 0.689 BTC for 1 MN

    buy masternode

    • Buy 0.489 BTC
    • Buy 0.589 BTC
    • Buy 0.689 BTC
  • POS offer

    for staking:

    • 500 GEX - 0.08 BTC
    • 1000 GEX - 0.15 BTC
    • 2000 GEX - 0.28 BTC

    Buy POS offers

    • 500 GEX 0.08 BTC
    • 1000 GEX 0.15 BTC
    • 2000 GEX 0.28 BTC

Accepted cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH. Private sale - None

Distribution of funds collected, BTC


Road map

3 quarter 2018

  • Concept created

  • Core team established

  • White paper v.1.0

  • Token sale website created

  • Start of platform development

4 quarter 2018

  • Social media channels creation

  • Gexan Testnet launch

  • Launch of Marketing campaign

  • Listing on popular Masternode trackers

1 quarter 2019

  • Gexan Mainet launch

  • Smart contracts for 5/36 lotto

  • Marketing campaign - 1st round

  • Crypto trackers listings

  • Listing on Exchanges - 1st round

2 quarter 2019

  • Refferal program launch

  • Legal entity, license

  • Coinbase & CoinPayments listings

  • 5 new lotteries

  • Developments Iframe.

  • Marketing campaign - 2nd round

3 quarter 2019

  • Affiliate program & API

  • Development Iframe and referral links

  • Mobile Wallets release

  • Partnership with smart contract developers

  • Gateaway bridge for Crypto withdrawals

  • Listing on Exchanges - 2nd round

4 quarter 2019

  • iOS & Android App launch

  • Partnerships with DAPPS developers

  • User interface decentralization (MIST)

  • Listing on Exchanges - 3rd round

  • Cryptoexchange gate on website

  • Provide company share to a strategic investor

Our team


Artem Vahrushev

Founder, Finance and Economics


Rustam Mustafaev

Advisor, PR and Marketing Strategy


Artur Prints

Advisor, XDNA Foundation


Kazimir Frolov

Blockchain developer


Vyachaslav Samoilau

Smart-contracts developer


Alisa Vaysbrod



Alexey Liberman

Frontend developer


We are glad to announce great news.

The following events were also held to ensure smooth and stable work in the future: - deep code audit - identification of all weak points, potential exploits and network bugs - generation of SPORKs and key for them - re-raising the network SEED nodes for the functioning of the blockchain - the final sweep of the code from the traces of the donor - Working with live TESTNET at all stages of work - final debugging test after assembling the finished network - compilation of Windows / Linux / Mac wallets At the moment, we have created a blockchain, if not unique, then very rare in terms of its parameters: Hybrid POW/POS + Masternodes + Smart contracts is an extremely rare combination..


Gexan & XDNA foundation, a promising partnership!

We are happy to let you know that today Gexan concluded a partnership with XDNA foundation. XDNA foundation will help GEXAN in organizing and conducting presale stage, entering the exchange and improving our marketing strategy. The XDNA foundation’s Discord channel has more than 7k active users — that is one of the largest Discord communities on the market of Masternodes. We are sure that this cooperation will bring many benefits for the GEXAN’s development, and therefore for its investors. Please don’t expect us to tell you where to find the whitelist, but in a few days it will be closed.


Report and our impressions about The Blockchain Life 2018 EXHIBITION

On November 7–8th, Gexan team visited the exhibition called Blockchain life 2018, held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Blockchain life 2018 is the largest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO and mining in Russia and Eastern Europe. Gexan team has established cooperation in the field of marketing with the rating agency ”ICOTOP” and the help service“Listing.Help”, which now allows us to get significant discounts on listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Blockchain life 2018 also helped us to start the private negotiations with members of such exchanges as: EXMO, Simex, BIGX, Finside, and many other. So currently the Gexan team is in the process of choosing the best exchange platform in terms of liquidity and investors protection. We also reached agreements with the “BERG Capital” and “The FUND” on the consideration of investments at the very early stage of GEXAN’s development.


The service will be available soon